Let’s say we sent you a survey to help you improve the chances of your project’s success and let’s say that the first question was

Rate your team for productivity on a scale of one to 10. Most businesses would rate their project team pretty highly.

Suppose the second question was…

Do any projects at your company never reached completion? Well, that would get you thinking a bit right? For most of us in business, the list of uncompleted projects is quite high, despite our confidence in our team and their abilities.

Why do many projects that you have started never reach their intended goal?

Our experience has shown that most projects reach a mission-critical snag somewhere the project and in too many cases that snag becomes the death nail.

  • There is not enough money in the budget to overcome the project.
  • A critical piece of information was missed.
  • Your team did not have the knowledge to see what has now become obvious.

In military strategy one of the most feared obstacles is the hidden threat. Mines below the surface, snipers hidden on rooftops, it’s often what a teams intel did not see that kills the mission.

It’s the same with business projects, it’s what your team can’t see that will kill the project.